Two years

Well, I originally logged on to make a post about my general life activities, but when I glanced up at the notifications box, it told me I'd joined wordpress two years ago. Considering how long I've been using the internet, it's not really a long time. I've been blogging since I was 8 - starting … Continue reading Two years

Girl On Fire

Well, it's been a crazy last few months. WAAPA has been an absolute blast so far. People are extremely supportive of one another, and it's fantastic to be surrounded by people who have the same interests as I do, whether it's the music, the acting, the dancing, or the performing generally. I've made some really … Continue reading Girl On Fire

Things I’ve Noticed Since Going To Uni

People don't like being alone Once a group has been formed it's hard to make friends inside/outside of the group Everyone labels each other The stereotypical nerds, popular kids, bitchy girls, weird people etc do actually exist. People think you're a stalker if you watch other students/notice what they're wearing (sorry, but rainbow socks... kinda … Continue reading Things I’ve Noticed Since Going To Uni

How to Survive on Set Without Looking Like an Asshole

I love this, it’s great. 🙂 Definitely worth reading if you’re into acting in films.

CALLAM RODYA actor, etc.

Callam Rodya as Roddy with 3rd AD Alex Pitzel slating the shot on the set of "Stalking by Numbers". Callam Rodya as Roddy with 3rd AD Alex Pitzel slating the shot on the set of “Stalking by Numbers”.

When it comes to film work, actors have it the easiest. Don’t argue. You know it’s true.

In case you need a bit more convincing, consider this:

  • We’re the last ones called and the first ones wrapped.
  • There is a team on set whose sole job is to make us look beautiful.
  • They tell us where to stand, where to walk, and what to say, and they even put down little pieces of tape for us and print out our lines on little pocket-sized sheets to make it extra easy.
  • We get to stay warm in the trailer while they’re out there in a snow storm setting up the shot.
  • We usually get paid better.
  • We get all the credit.

Don’t get me wrong, acting is extremely difficult (especially when you…

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