I’m Back

Hello everyone! Happy 2018! After some thoughtful consideration, I have decided to bring back Earlinde Melwasul. My grand plan for My Melody of Words didn't work out quite how I wanted it to, which was disappointing but a little unavoidable, now that I'm looking back on it. I wanted to run it as a "professional" … Continue reading I’m Back



As some of you know, I run way too many blogs. I have this blog, and my writing blog, A Melody of Words. After some considerate thought, I've decided to merge this blog into the other one. Which means that I'll have all my content in one spot and it will all be easier to … Continue reading BLOG CHANGE

Girl On Fire

Well, it's been a crazy last few months. WAAPA has been an absolute blast so far. People are extremely supportive of one another, and it's fantastic to be surrounded by people who have the same interests as I do, whether it's the music, the acting, the dancing, or the performing generally. I've made some really … Continue reading Girl On Fire