As some of you know, I run way too many blogs. I have this blog, and my writing blog, A Melody of Words.

After some considerate thought, I’ve decided to merge this blog into the other one. Which means that I’ll have all my content in one spot and it will all be easier to manage! The blog is

What you can expect to see there:

  • Life updates (like from here!)
  • Music posts
  • Writing and Book posts

The idea is to change as little as possible, just make it a place for me to share my interests in books, writing and music. Hopefully it’ll also force me to stick to a proper posting schedule too!

I’m currently in the process of the change! Hopefully it will all be finished by middle of next week, no later.

It’s been a good time with you on Earlinde – short lived though that year has been – and I hope to see you all on A Melody Of Words. Here’s to 2018!

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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