New Year Goals

Well Christmas is past, and the New Year is in about four days. How fast this year has gone by! While it’s been a long time since 2017 dawned, it feels like it has sped away. I must make these last four days drag out a little. Or at least fill them up with lots of worthwhile things to do. Read some books, do some sewing, get back to doing my hula-hooping and circus stretches, throw out things I don’t need… I’m sure I can find something.

Today I thought I’d share my goals and resolutions for 2018 someplace that I won’t loose them. It’s too easy for me to write them into a notebook and loose the notebook. No no, new me is going to be organized and put them somewhere she checks frequently. (She’ll be putting them in her phone too)

Monthly Resolutions

I always thought of resolutions just being something that you get onto at some point over the year. Maybe that’s why I never get them done – I don’t have a realistic time frame or a starting time in which to begin them. Last year – 2016 – I came across a magazine which suggested having one resolution every 1-2 months. It worked pretty well for me, when I remembered that I had them.

I’ll be using the same resolutions for 2018, and hopefully I’ll remember to stick to them! I’m using the ones that the magazine suggested:

January: Save Money
February: Be Mindful
March: Sort Out My Belongings
April: Embrace Healthy Habits
May: Value Experiences Over Things
June: Learn A New Skill
July: Get Out Of My Comfort Zone
August: De-stress
September: Sleep More
October: Switch Up Workouts
November: Treat Myself
December: Be Generous

General Goals

General Goals are just things I’d like to get to in 2018. Things that can happen at any time over the year, and things that don’t necessarily have to happen in the year at all. Some however do have certain dates and will only happen at one time in the year.

My Goals For 2018
Learn Guitar
Volunteer at Supanova
Dye my hair purple
Learn how to fix my bike
Finish the world building for “Stormchild”
Buy a good Camera
Circus and Acting lessons!
Interstate trip
Make a livable income from busking and writing


I’ve actually got waaay more in the goals section, but quite a few are quite ridiculous and others aren’t really goals so much as ideas.

I’m looking forward to 2018! There’ll be so many opportunities for me to learn and grow as a person, and for me to make a way for myself in the world. What are some of your goals and resolutions for the New Year?

See you next year!

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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