The Challenges Thrown At Us

A few months ago, if you asked me what I’d be spending 2018 doing, I would have told you that I would have been continuing my studies at university, studying my first year of the Bachelor of Music course. I would have spent four years studying, then looked into traveling overseas to perform. Or I might have stayed here to perform. Who knew.

What I didn’t really have was a plan for if things didn’t work out, if I wasn’t offered a place in the BoM. Of course I had some vague ideas, things I’d say to assure people – and myself – that I knew what to do if I wasn’t accepted, but they weren’t solid plans.

So now that I haven’t been offered a spot, I feel a little lost. I’d been counting on getting into the course to have a plan for the next four years. What will I do will all my free time, now that I no longer have to spend all my days studying and trekking back and forth from the campus? This wasn’t the hand I was expecting to have dealt to me, but I’ll make do with it.

The thing that I’m finding daunting, is when do I start? Do I finish off 2017 like normal, then start setting plans into action in the beginning of 2018? Do I plant my seeds now, and then have a “head start” for 2018 when it comes around? What even are my plans? Were the things I thought about doing even possible? Should I strive to reach those goals, or perhaps should I just be content with a normal life with a normal job, and be left to wonder what may have happened had I tried to reach those goals

I’m getting a little over dramatic now. It’s not quite that daunting a process.


I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer. There’s nothing quite as nice as just imagining what could happen, and how that could affect my future. Perhaps tomorrow I could be asked to act in a film because I’ve got the right “look” or “feel”. Perhaps next week I’ll have won a trip to see my favourite band with VIP “meet and greet” tickets, and suddenly the band members and I become great friends, and suddenly I could be given an opportunity to perform with them! Perhaps I’ll go back to training in circus, and then in two years time I’ll find myself touring with Cirque Du Soleil. Perhaps that book I’m slowly working on writing is going to become a bestseller, with thousands and thousands of copies sold and a film in the works.

I probably spend more time imagining what could happen, rather than finding a way to make it happen.

Well I’m looking over my list of goals for 2018 that I made in June. My my, are they laughable. There’s no way I can support myself off them. And that end of year UK trip? Ha. Out the window. What a to-do I’m in.

I’ve had to make a new plan for what I’m doing for 2018. So far, I’ll be looking into getting a job. Then I’ll be looking into singing lessons, circus lesson and possibly guitar lessons, and I’ll be working on getting my busking to a professional level.
Then after that? Applying for music colleges in the UK most like, and/or reapplying for the one here.
Of course, I could just get private lessons and skip college entirely. Go straight into auditions, perhaps even for something like The Voice.
And in my spare time I can work on my writing and whatever else I feel like doing.

Whatever happens next though, I will need an income. So I guess the first step now is to get that job, then get my singing lessons right after. If I can get that to work, I’ll be pretty chuffed.

At least I’ve learned not to take things for granted. I should always have a concrete backup plan.


I’ll see everyone in a week’s time with another post. Until then, Merry Christmas! xx

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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