Surviving At A Performance Academy.

Well it’s now December, and after putting off this post for ages I’ve finally decided to sit down and write it.

I’ve finished my year at university! It’s been quite interesting, although it’s been pretty stressful at times too and I may or may not have had one or two break downs… But I’ve came out in one piece so that’s the main thing!

Classical Music Diploma Class 2017

Looking back over the year, there are a few things I might have done differently. Spending less time with people in between classes is one, so  I could use that extra time practicing or tidying up notes instead of socializing.

These are some of the things that I found helped me with keeping on top of Uni, and might be helpful for you, too.


635880718399328902517913772_giphy (2)

Journaling was actually part of my course – I had to keep a journal full of everything I was doing.

Journaling doesn’t have to be a whole “dear diary, today I…” thing. Most of the time bullet point notes work just fine. That’s what I used! Here’s an example of one of my days:


  • Theory and Aural
    • Go back over looking for the solfa in music
    • Assignment is due next week
  • Flute prac
    • Scales
    • Old rep
  • Lunch time concert
  • Performance class
    • Learn to get over your fears
    • Perform a short song next week
  • Home practice
    • Vieni Vieni O Mio Diletto
    • Pater Noster
    • Northern Lights
    • Warm ups

The journaling was actually quite helpful for keeping track of what I had done, what I needed to do, and other general notes.  My only problem was not keeping all of my journaling to the same notebook – I had four different ones for slightly different topics. It would have been much easier to keep it all in the one book.

Set Aside A Time For Socializing


One thing that I didn’t really start to “figure out” until second semester was that I needed set times for socialization and studying. In the past this wasn’t a huge deal for me, but as I mentioned before, I lost some valuable time that could have been used for music practice and studying!

For me, the best times for hanging out with friends was either the weekend or the two hour break between class on Tuesday. Once I had a time that was especially for socializing, it was easier to concentrate on study.

Put Aside Your Phone


Tempting as it might be to spend ALL that new free time on social media, it’s not a good idea. Put away your phone and spend time studying. Especially during lectures! Your phone should stay in your bag, unless you’re recording the lecture or taking a quick snap of what the lecturer has written on the whiteboard.
Find a time for tweeting and playing games that’s separate from your time on campus.


That’s all I have for now! Hopefully these are somewhat helpful. But before I log off, I want to tell you all that I now have a facebook page for my blogging! It’s called A Melody Of Words, based off my writing blog of the same name, and will feature writing content, music content, and links to my newest blog posts! Make sure to give it a like to stay in the loop.

See you all next week!

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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