What NOT To Say To Homeschoolers

Hello everyone!

It’s back to uni for me this week, and it’s also back to home-school for my brothers. Which means we’re all rushing around doing home work (get it? ehehe) and fussing over things like group assignments (NOT FUN).

Something that just keeps getting to me is the fact that I’m not homeschooled any more. I keep hearing about events I could go to and thinking “I want to go to this!” before remembering that no, I am not homeschooled any more, and no, I can’t go to that awesome ice skating session that my brothers and homeschooled friends will be going to.

But the thing that really annoys me? The questions/stereotypes I get given when I mentioned I was homeschooled. Here are the most annoying things I’ve been asked – and things I’d recommend NOT saying to any homeschooled kid.




“I wish I could be homeschooled, then I could do anything I wanted

There seems to be this misconception that being home schooled means we do nothing but sit around all day doing whatever we want to do. SOME people do this. But we call it “unschooling”.
UNschooling is frowned upon by most HOMEschoolers.
So, like, don’t say that to us. It’s just wrong.


“Omg how do you learn?”



We have these things called eyes, and these things called books. Sometimes we like to sit down and read these things called books.

Sometimes we have these things called ears, and other things that are either parents or other adults. Sometimes these adults like to talk, and we like to use our ears to listen to these adults.


“You’re not learning how to interact with people properly in you’re at home all day. You need to hang out with kids your own age.”

Gosh, the amount of people who tell me this when I’m out and about is ridiculous.
A) do I look like I’m at home to you? B) so what do you call me talking to you? That’s not interaction? Oh wait that’s right you’re a lizard, not a human. My bad.


“Omg so I’m like your first ever friend?”

This annoys EVERYONE who gets asked this question. We find it kind of insulting. No, we don’t all live in the dark and never venture out to make friends with other people. You didn’t see me talking to that other person over there, that person who surprisingly happens to be my friend?


^^Actual footage of homeschoolers bonding over things like books and curriculums.


“So you don’t have holidays? Cruel!”

I do have holidays. (Well, did, because I’m not homeschooled any more). My summer holidays are (were) a month longer than yours. So are (were) my mid year break holidays. And I still get (got) breaks between terms.

What were you saying about me not having holidays?


And that’s that! Of course I could keep on with this list for ever, but these are some of the ones that annoy me the most. Are you homeschooled? Do you get these questions, or do you get different ones?

See y’all soon!

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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