How To Gain Work Experience

As I’ve gotten older, one of the daunting problems that loom over me is the idea of getting a job. It’s something everyone has to do in life. We get a job, we make money, we live. We use the money. We make the money. We use it again.

But trying to get a job? Oh, there’s no guarantee that you will – or at least there’s no guarantee you’ll get a job that’s ideal. And the experience required? “We’re looking for a student to work part time, must have 35 years of experience”.
I might be exaggerating. Slightly. But it is how it comes across!  Where do we get all that work experience that’s looked for?

Well, I’ve decided to give you a few ideas on how to get experience that might help you get the job. 😉



So maybe you don’t have to quite as dramatic as Katniss – unless you are volunteering to save a life or you really want that position.

Volunteering is a great way to get experience. Especially if it’s in the area of work that you wish to have a career in. Not only can you make some really great friends, but you can also make a ton on contacts.

You can volunteer for anything from your local community homeless shelter to events like comic con.


Street Performing


This one is best for those who wish to have a career performing (like I do!), but is actually a great thing for anyone to do. It’s a rewarding experience, and you can get paid extremely well (I’ve made $100 in half an hour before – I know others who can make more than that in half an hour!)

One skill that you learn/improve on from doing street performing is your people handling skills. Sometime you’ll get people who you need to get to move on – sometimes you’ll get people who will just want to stay and talk for a while. You’ll be able to tell who’s trouble and who’s not after a while… and that’s a great skill to have.


Friend’s Businesses

If you have a few friends who run their own businesses, that’s a great opportunity to ask them if you can work for them! If you’re starting out with getting work for the first time, then this is a great way to get experience. You’ll be working with/for someone you know, and who you definitely know will be making sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing.
Farmers markets are a great spot to start out if you know someone who runs a stall – it’s only for a few hours a week, plus you can score some yummy treats that weren’t sold at the end of the day! 😉


Start Your Own Business


Okay, this one is probably the trickiest one that I’ve listed. But it if you’ve got the patience and the determination, it’s definitely one that’s doable.

If you’re going to start your own business as a way to gain experience, make sure you pick something that you like to do. A craft shop on Etsy. A blog on blogger. A deviantartist with a patreon account. Selling second hand items at a market. Baby sitting. Gardening. Something that you enjoy doing.

And if it falls apart, or you decide to stop doing it one day, then that’s okay! You gained experience from it, be it from the learning that happened to get the business running, or the actual running of the business.

Or, perhaps, you’ll end up with a business big enough that you’ll be the one putting out the job applications – not looking for them. 😉


Just remember – whenever you work for someone, be it volunteer or paid work – to ask them for a reference! That can go along with your job applications, and it’ll make you look more professional than not having them. 🙂

I hope this is helpful for people! If it is, let me know. If it isn’t, also let me know. If you’re confused I might be able to help you.
I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays – summer/winter ones, depending on where you’re from! I’ll see you all next time. xx

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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