SupaNova 2017

Well it’s nearly the end of June, and Supanova is long over. I spent the majority of the week lying on the sofa while my feet recovered from hours of standing in the same spot.

It was, however, a fantastic experience.

Just like last year, I was in the Guest Management department, on CL duty. That meant that I was dealing with all of the wonderful fans coming to see the celebrities. I was to keep the autograph line in order, and make sure that it was running smoothly.
On Friday I arrived at 10 am and ended up helping out with showbagging. It was just as bad as I remember it being last year, and I don’t want to see any more flyers for a good month or so.
A little while after that I grabbed lunch, then went to the GM meeting. We went over the department’s expectations, our lunch times, and our guests. I got given David Harewood’s signing line to look after.

Saturday morning I arrived at Supanova at 6:40 am, and in twenty minutes I was given the job of finishing taping on the floor.
Time went by pretty quickly though and before I knew it I was working on the line, making sure people had the correct tokens and were in the right line. It took me a moment or two to get into the flow of line management, but in no time I was doing it with great ease.
In between my breaks I got the opportunity to talk to a few of the stars, and even got to sing for Mr Harewood. He seemed pretty impressed with my singing.

Sunday morning was fairly quiet at first. I got to have a quick wander around the floor and see all the artists in the art alley, which was nice. I ended up getting run off my feet at 12pm, when Mr Harewood came back from his panel to do signings.
It slowed down again later in the afternoon, and I was able to spare a few minutes to meet James Dashner, the author of the Maze Runner book series. He signed one of my artworks, which I was very happy about.


Eventually packing up time came, and I helped out with packing up the guest signing area – ripping the tape off the floor and moving the barriers.

It was a hectic weekend though. I got asked a lot of questions (the main one being “When is Teri Hatcher/Dean Cain coming back out?”) and got to talk to tons of people coming to the event. There was an adorable 2 year old boy dressed as Superman running around.

I got to meet a ton of the celebrities too. The list is as follows:
David Harewood (talked to him, sang a song for him)
James Dashner (quick chat, got his autograph)
Colin Donnell (vague talk)
Ricky Whittle (hug, quick chat)
Richard Harmon (hug, quick chat)
Dan Feuerriegel (talked to him)
John Levene (quick chat)

It was amazing getting to meet them all – Mr Levene was an absolute gentleman, and Mr Dashner was wonderful to talk to.

I had a wonderful time volunteering and I hope I made the event a great time for everyone who was there. Hopefully I’ll be volunteering again next year.

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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