Things I’ve Noticed Since Going To Uni

  • People don’t like being alone
  • Once a group has been formed it’s hard to make friends inside/outside of the group
  • Everyone labels each other
  • The stereotypical nerds, popular kids, bitchy girls, weird people etc do actually exist.
  • People think you’re a stalker if you watch other students/notice what they’re wearing (sorry, but rainbow socks… kinda hard not to notice them)
  • Girls are obsessed with talking about whether or not some guy has a crush on them. Do I care???
  • People seem to really like pairing up students they think will look cute together (Like R and I… okay we dress in the same style??? How does that work?? Ah yes look another person with my fashion taste I must marry them???)
  • People make a fuss over assessments and assignments that aren’t actually that much of a big deal.
  • Everyone seems to like being that one person: “Oh I didn’t go to sleep til 4 am really going to bed at 12am is NOTHING stop complaining”.
  • Being a year older than someone else seems to mean it’s okay to call the younger person a kid.
  • You either have friends or don’t.
  • The only people worth being friends with leave the class before I have the chance to say hi.
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • I can’t have a social life AND a good sleep. One or the other.

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