Uni Life

My third week of Uni has officially ended, and in all honesty the most exciting thing that happened throughout those three weeks was Brooklyn & Bailey dropping their first single.

Just kidding! Although I must confess that I was really excited to hear their first ever song. (It is so good everyone should go listen to it)

Going to uni so far has been a pretty interesting experience overall – I’m learning a lot of strange social rules that school kids have that the adults I normally hang out with don’t have, and then there’s been adjusting to a life of always being out of the house. I suddenly understand how it must feel for dad, always being out at work.

Two of the very strange things I’ve noticed are people’s desires to not stand out and to not be alone.
The standing out thing was the first that I noticed – at Orientation week the Diploma and Bachelor students and I went to quite a few different talks, and the odd thing was that very few of them seemed comfortable asking questions. Everyone looking around uncomfortably when “Questions?” was called out, as if waiting for someone else to ask what’s on their mind.

I didn’t really notice the not wanting to be alone thing until Monday. I’ve never been the sort of girl who sticks to one group of friends, or who gets uncomfortable when I have two groups of friends meet up. So on Monday, when one of my friends from outside of uni decided to hang out down there with me, I found it really confusing when my friend decided to leave because I’m “awkward about having one group of friends and another group of friends to hang out with at the same time”.
This really confused me. Then yesterday, at lunch, I decided to sit by myself in the cafe to eat my fries before going to my next rehearsal, and almost five minutes later another girl rocked up and immediately sat opposite me. And all of a sudden, right after she introduced herself, I realised that everyone at the uni always moved in groups of two or more. No one ever went about by themselves.


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I reckon I’m going to do a lot of uni and music and acting (and maybe fashion) videos on my youtube channel… I have my own smartphone now so it’ll make filming a lot easier! Guess I just need to see what happens though.

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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