2016 – A Year In Review

Well it’s 2017 now – my neighbours are blasting music down the street and I’m currently looking at the mess I have to sort through at some point (gotta love moving things in and out of rooms to do carpet vaxing).

Despite Alan Rickman dying on my birthday, my year went off to a pretty good start. I got my school work done in a timely matter, and I got offered a role in the Gilbert And Sullivan Society’s production of Iolanthe. Shortly after that I got to be an extra in The Hounds Of Love (whether or not that scene I was in made the final cut is another question).


I had a few friend troubles which lead to me coming to the conclusion that it’s not worth my time having friends in the same age range as myself (15-19 age range) unless they were mature and responsible people. So I broke out of a few friendships and ended up feeling much better because of it.

After Iolanthe I published my first short story (call it a novella if you will), called Ruby. Within the first month I sold one copy – due to my bad marketing skills. However I have now sold 24 copies and am very proud of myself.

Mid year I had the opportunity to volunteer at SupaNova and had the honour of being in the Guest Management department, were I made some new friends and met a ton of really amazing people, including John Noble, Sean Astin and Cheez TV. Had an interesting talk to Christopher Sabat too.

Not too long afterwards I auditioned for a role in the webseries FOCUS. I heard back a little while later with the news that I had the role of Jill. I gladly accepted the role, went to the pre-production party and met most of my fellow workmates. Everyone was great and very nice to talk to.

For a little while began a sort of mantra where a few people thought I looked exactly like an older version of Jack Frost’s younger sister from Rise Of The Guardians. One person went as far to say that I should be cast in a live action film as her and that they would bug the author of the original book until it happened. She didn’t do much harassing thankfully.
But you know, acting as Jack Frost’s younger sister would have been cool.

(If you think I look like her let me know. Maybe I could actually act as her if they did a live action sequel. Thomas Sangster should be Jack Frost)

By mid September started the stretch of time where I started prepping for my audition to get into the WA Academy of Performing Arts. I had my songs together, did all my homework my music theory teacher had given me, and felt ready to do the audition.
But then the audition day came and I didn’t have an accompanist. So I had to push back the audition to a later date.

Sadly my singing coach didn’t like the songs I had picked for my audition, so I had to learn two completely new songs. The good part though was that I’m really good at learning stuff quickly so I had all the songs done within two weeks.

I spent two days on the set of Focus for their pilot episode just before my WAAPA audition. I got to go into the make up department for my hair and makeup to be done, and then mainly did was instructed. Lunch was good on the sets and I even got on the offical FOCUS snapchat.

My WAAPA audition  came around beginning of December. I got there an hour and a half too early, and spent time in a practice room warming up. Then when the audition itself came around I started singing in the wrong key.
My theory test fared much better, and I got home at 3pm – I was out for 7 and a half hours.
I heard back the week before Christmas. They’d offered me a place in their Diploma.

The first episode of FOCUS came out just before Christmas too. After spending half the day sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for Youtube to tell me that the Winter Tales channel had up loaded a video I quickly went about sharing it to my friends.

Christmas was quiet, and our grandmother flew over from SA to visit us. We hadn’t seen her since Easter so we all took the opportunity to spend time with her – going to the art gallery, having coffee at several cafes, and dinner at Jamie’s Italian.

With my grandmother.

And then came New Years Eve, which was as quiet as Christmas. We played a board game for a while, watched the fireworks and celebrated the coming of 2017.

All in all, 2016 was a good year, and I’m looking forward to making 2017 as good, if not more.  I already have a list of goals for the year (written out and pinned on my wall), all of which are achievable if I put effort into them.

Happy New Year all, and I look forward to posting on this blog over the year.

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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