We Found A Cow

It’s been pretty busy these last few months but funnily enough there hasn’t really been anything worth posting about. I’ve mainly been doing a lot of singing practice and school work.
But two kinda important things did happen last week so I’ll tell you about that. 🙂

 I had my audition for WAAPA – the WA Academy of Performing Arts – on December 1st. I was very prepared for the audition this year compared to last year, which I was very thankful for. Pretty much I spent the year viewing last time’s audition as a test run (since that is kind of how it turned out) and this year’s as the real thing.
I was pleased with how this year’s audition turned about, even though I messed up my first song! The last two song went along smoothly and so did the interview. The only thing I’m still unsure about is my music theory test – I’m pretty certain I did a good job but I don’t really know!
From what I know we’re meant to hear back within two weeks and one week has already gone by and I haven’t heard anything back, so hopefully that’s a good sign!

As my instagram followers probably know, my brother turned 9 last week! We all went out for a family breakfast, walked around for a little while (we saw some pretty cool painted cows) then my brothers went off to do some miniature war-gaming while mum and I got ice cream for the birthday cake. The rest of the day was spent playing monopoly and watching the first Harry Potter.

Birthday selfie with the whole family while waiting for breakfast to arrive – I’m front right. Birthday boy is sitting next to me with the green hat. 

He seemed to have a good day, and he was particularly impressed with his birthday presents, his favourites being, well, probably all of them. But if he had to pick one I’d say it was the green velvet suit jacket.

We found a cow after breakfast!

And that’s a short briefing of the two most interesting things that’s happened these last few months.

School finished actually, I’ve finally finished year 11! If I don’t go to WAAPA next year I’ll be doing year 12, and then I’m done. It’s slightly scary to think about it, but I’m looking forward to it being finished too!

I should go, I have some tidying to do.

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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