Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

It’s a topic that’s been making it’s way through the internet in a way rather like a bushfire. Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton? I’ll be honest with you – I didn’t care originally. It’s nothing to do with Australia, why should I bother getting involved? Well I definitely got involved in the end. So here are my opinions.

A lot of people have been supporting Hillary Clinton recently (some of them being Trump supporters who changed their minds) and it’s been popping up in my social media a lot. Lots of posts that are full of “#ImWithHer” and “Donald Trump is an evil and a curse to this world” (which isn’t entirely wrong) and with no particularly interesting content in general. It’s actually rather a bore.
And of course Donald Trump is doing something slightly similar, but I can’t actually talk too much on his supporters because I don’t see as much of their support (sorry guys). But a lot of the stuff I do see contains a lot of “Hillary Clinton is an evil and a curse to this world” (which also isn’t entirely wrong either). However, on this matter I’m actually on Trump’s side… surprisingly.

I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff about both, but Hillary Clinton makes me shiver with horror and disgust (and I’m not even in America)…

  • Remember those emails? The American Spectator sums up how I feel about those:

    Hillary Clinton’s conduct in setting up a private e-mail server which transmitted top secret information and the FBI declining to recommend criminal charges demonstrates that she is above the law. Worse, Hillary acts like there is one law for her and her family and one law for everyone else. Oh, she takes “full responsibility” for her e-mails while saying other Secretaries of State have done the same. So when Hillary takes full responsibility for something, she is really taking no responsibility at all. This is a very dangerous quality for someone who seeks the office of President of the United States to possess.

  • She is horrible to the people who are “beneath” her. Here are some thing’s she’s said two of the times people have said good morning to her:
    “F*ck off! It’s enough that I have to see you ****kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut.”
    “How dare you? You people are just destroying my husband… And where do you buy your suits? Penney’s?”
    As someone from Harry Potter once said, if you want to see what sort of person a man is, see how he treats his lessers rather than his equals.
  • She lies. A lot. I don’t even need to show you guys the stuff she’s lied about… you should know.

Pretty much, Hillary Clinton makes me think of a snake, and I really don’t like it.

Trump isn’t much better – he’s an idiot, but he’s an upfront idiot. It’s not going to be too hard to see what (and where) he messes up (It’ll be harder to spot it with Hillary).

  • Trump is (probably) racist. I don’t need to say much about that. He has a thing against letting Latinos and blacks into America, and wants to build a wall separating Mexico and America? Yeah, that smells like racist to me.
  • He seems to be all for using nuclear weapons on China. Umm, that doesn’t seem great to me.
  • He’s an idiot (self explanatory).

However, these are some good things about him…

  • He’s an upfront idiot. We will be able to see what he messes up a lot easier than what Clinton will mess up.


Only one good thing. Surprising! But even more surprisingly… nothing good about Clinton.

Pretty much, having Donald Trump as a president does terrify me but not as much as the idea of having Hillary Clinton as president. I’d rather an idiot than a snake, and I don’t even live in America.
If I were an American, I’d vote for Trump. However I’m not, so I guess I don’t really get much say in the matter.

Please remember this is just my opinion on the matter. I know that other people have other opinions on this and I am not in any way trying to undermine them.

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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