Ruby Carter Is No More… Say Hello To Mr Took

“What’s wrong? Has someone died? Did you have a pet named Ruby Carter? Who’s Mr Took?”

Don’t worry, no one has died! Also, I don’t have pets. Haven’t had any for 12 years, but the ones I had were cats. I want a puppy now.

While no living person has died my prequel to “Ruby“, “Ruby Carter”, has unfortunately came to a stop. (Some of you may know this already if you’ve read my other blog post). I just wasn’t doing the previous story any justice and I don’t want to publish a not too great book.

However I am working on a new book – Mr Took’s Magic Shop. I’ve nearly finished my planning for chapters and characters and will start writing it soon, and a friend of mine is working on a cover for it!
I’ll be publishing Mr Took’s Magic Shop on like I did with Ruby.

I’m going to have fun writing Mr Took’s Magic Shop! I’m aiming it at a young adult audience but like with Ruby, I’m going to try to make it a book for everyone.

If you guys want updates on how progress is going keep an eye on either The Blog of Writing or here! 🙂


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