Various Songs

Recently I’ve been looking into finding myself some new songs to learn because I’ve been getting a touch tired of singing the current ones I’ve been singing. It’s an interesting task, listening to songs to find ones to sing.
Generally my problem tends to be that the songs I like the most are the ones that are impractical for me to sing. Goes too low, needs two people to sing it, wrong style – that’s my problem 70% of the time. But that doesn’t stop me from attempting to learn them – it just stops me from singing them for my busking (street busking).

Here’s five of the songs I’ve been listening to and (trying) learning!

So this song is actually a parody of this song. Now I like the original too but it’s a bit too deep for me to sing in some parts!
I actually found this yesterday while browsing for music I’ve already learnt a fair bit of it. It’s great fun to sing, and I love to sing Nightmare Moon’s part. The parody fits the characters the creator rewrote it to fit. I can also see this fitting Valkyrie Cain and Darquesse. Maybe I should work on that?

Another parody written to fit My Little Pony. I haven’t heard the original yet but I’m getting around to that tomorrow!
I found this while looking for some classical songs, and it’s actually put together rather beautifully. I know both parts but my favourite is Luna’s, despite the fact that it goes a touch on the deep side! However it’s only a few notes lower than I normally sing so training my voice to get them will be easy.

I’ll be honest here. I never “tried” to learn this song. I learnt it in a snap. It’s one of my favourite songs ever from Les Miserables (there are about three more I LOVE from the musical too) but my main problem is that… I don’t have any guy friends who can sing for Marius. Which sucks because Eponine can’t sing this song without Marius.
But hey, maybe it’s meant to be like that. All my friends tell me I’d make a better Cosette than Eponine.
You may have noticed a running theme here – these three songs so far have all been duets…

Shatter Me has been a song I’ve wanted to learn ever since I heard it – although I’m still not sure if it was the singing or the violin part that it was that I wanted to learn. Sadly I’m not actually that skilled with the violin yet and this song isn’t right for my voice.

This is a song that I love but I’ll never be able to do credit to singing wise. Probably my voice pitch doesn’t help but it’s not the right style for my voice – I recorded myself singing it and I sounded like I could half sing.
I’ve decided to only sing this when I’m alone. Singing in the shower sort of stuff. Where I sound so terrible that only myself is allowed to listen to it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find myself some songs that I can actually sing soon!


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