Early Spring Cleaning

I’ve recently been doing a little “clear out” where I’ve been going through old things of mine and trying to decide whether or not to keep them or chuck them out. So far I’ve managed to clean up one of our shelves. 😛

I’ve also been doing an online version of it, and whilst tidying up my google account I came across an old blog of mine where I put up everything from poems to short stories to essays.
It goes by the name of “The Blog Of Writing” and it was (I think) my second ever blog to create, but it was my first blog to post on seriously. I carried on with it pretty seriously until about 2015, when I became creatively “dried up” and unable to write poems.
Well anyway I’ve found it again and I’ve decided to take up posting on it again! It’ll contain a lot of my writing so if writing is your thing you should check it out every now and then.

I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year, so if anyone else is doing it let me know! You can find me here. ^-^ If you need a writing buddy I’m more than happy to be one. 🙂

In other news though I took some time off my cleaning to watch “The Silver Brumby”. It’s alright, once I got over a ton of missing details I ended up enjoying it, the music was nice and the horses were beautiful. Russell Crowe exceeded expectations acting wise, he did a pretty good job.

I’m also super pumped at the moment because one of my favourite book series, Skulduggery Pleasant, is getting a 10th book! I’m hoping it’s going to be better than the Demon Road books because those were awful, and it’d be a shame if the original magic of the SP series vanishes in the new book. I guess I’ve just got to wait patiently for 2017 to arrive first.

I’d better stop writing, it’s close to midnight now and I have school tomorrow!

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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