Update on my life

It’s amazing how busy my life can get in an instant.

Thankfully I’m not that busy… yet.

I’m over half way through year 11, which is surprisingly easy actually. I do have some problems now and then along the way but it’s been pretty easy going actually. I’ve started to learn how to do animation by using a mix of YouTube, Khan Academy, and blender. I’m working on some interesting essays, too – a comparison essay on the climates in Perth (WA) and Adelaide (SA), and the history of the Hula Hoop. I’ve been enjoying the work a lot.

Next month though everything is going to get pretty hectic I reckon. I’m acting in a YouTube series called Focus as a character named Jill, and we’ll be filming the pilot episode(s) then. I’m having to do extra school work now so that I don’t have as much to do when filming starts.

I’ve been working on improving my YouTube Channel too. I’ve enabled ads on my videos so that I can start making money off them, and I’m hoping to enable the fan funding widget too.
I’m also planning for a new YouTube Channel, which I’m hoping will be up by the end of the year, but unfortunately that might be a bit unrealistic. However I can keep dreaming (and planning!) and perhaps it might actually happen.  I think though that before I actually get around to doing anything else about that second channel I should probably hurry up and buy myself a nice camera so that I can actually have good quality videos (unlike all those ones I filmed on the old ipad 2…).

I’m starting to write a “Ruby” prequel, which is going to show why Ruby ended up moving in next door to Lachlan. This is the current cover for the book.
Ruby.png I’m not sure when I’m planning to get it finished, but I’m hoping it’ll be by December at latest! Should give me plenty of time to figure out how to do this marketing thing properly. 😛

I have to finish off here, as I need to go and do maths in a minute.

Eärlindë Melwasúl


One thought on “Update on my life

  1. You’re into some interesting things, Willow. I’m glad I read this update. Thanks!

    Even if I don’t comment everyday, I’m following your progress regularly and feel very enthusiastic about what’s going. Your continuing announcements and various posts are quite exciting and helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

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