Perth SupaNova 2016

I applied to be a volunteer in the Perth SupaNova a little while ago. And I got in!

(For those who are not in Australia, SupaNova is just our version of Comic Con)

I was put into the Guest Management department as a Customer Liaison, meaning that I helped managed the lines of the people coming to see the celebrities and get autographs.

I went down to SupaNova on Friday through to Sunday. Friday, my job was to help with setting up the guest signing area and with packing showbags. The showbags consisted of putting flyers and booklets into bags to distribute amongst the patrons. We had to put together about 2,000 showbags (if I remember correctly) and did it in about 5 hours. I can tell you that I don’t want to see another flyer again for about another three+ months.
There was a Opening Ceremony for the event, but I didn’t realise that I was able to go to it! Not that I could have anyway, as it was my brother’s birthday and we were off out to dinner.

Saturday was definitely the craziest day. I had to get up at 5am to get to SupaNova at 7am, but I woke up at 2am instead and couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to get out of bed early so that I could get everything together.

Early morning selfie… 25/6/16

I got to SupaNova at 7, but didn’t actually have anything to do until about 9:30. At nine thirty I was given my line to manage (Troy Baker’s one) and set to work on that. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing, but as the day wore on I got the hang of managing the line.
I got to talk to Ryan and Jade, from Cheez TV,  a fair bit that day. They were very interesting, and it was great getting to talk to them. I have now been inspired to watch videos on their Youtube Channel.
I also got to talk to Brianna Hildebrand, John Noble and Christopher Sabat. Christopher Sabat gave me a signed picture, which I was pretty excited about!


IMG_20160625_201446 (copy)
Signed picture from Christopher Sabat! 25/6/16

Sunday was a lot more laid back. Because I knew what I was doing better I was able to time how I was getting around from different parts of the building (a normally 5 minute walk was talking 10-15 minutes because of how packed the building was!).
I also got Jade, Ryan (from Cheez TV) and Troy Baker some gifts for being really awesome to meet and work with for the weekend. All three seemed touched by the thought and I got hugs from them.  The highlight of the day though was getting to meet Sean Astin. I said a quick hello to him and said that I admired his work, just before he had to leave. He also signed my volunteer shirt, which was really exciting!

Shirt was signed by Sean Astin and Christopher Sabat! (excuse the weird lighting) 26/6/16

Bump out was kinda fun, I helped a bit with packing up the guest signing area before going for a wander around the building to have a look at the stalls that hadn’t finished packing up. Some of the stuff they were selling was amazing, I was really wishing I had money on me to buy something!!

I got asked a lot of questions throughout the weekend (“Where can I buy tokens?” “Is this the right line for ___?”) but funnily enough a popular one seemed to be “How can you be so calm standing next to so many celebrities?”
Part of the reason of my calm is that I have to maintain a professional image whilst working. The other reason is that, even though they’re famous, they’re just people and they deserve to be treated like people, instead of objects. However I didn’t say that to people, just said that I was very good at keeping my excitement hidden. xP

Well I had a fun time, and I’m hoping to volunteer again next year. I wonder what departments I’ll ask for next year… Stage Management, Guest Management or something else?

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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