Being True to Oneself

In a world where everyone is conforming and trying to be like each other, it can be really hard to just be oneself. Youths are coming out of school not knowing who they actually are, and few of them find themselves again.

It starts with media and school. From a young age children will watch TV shows and movies, which already display the fake personalities. The children then start to mimic those personalities, that are made up and not anything like what people’s personalities actually are.

It’s reinforced when they go to school, because then they have peer pressure added. “Did you watch last night’s episode?” “Do you have the new barbie doll/magazine/transformer/video game?” The fake personalities the children have adopted and their fear of missing out bind together, and the result is that they gradually begin to lose who they actually are and become something that they’re not.

Before I got pulled out of school, I became very unhappy and angry. My parents’ pulled me out because of that, and I said to my mum “I can stop acting now” about not going to school.

I guess a lot of you may be wondering “how does one become themself again?” Well, these are a few of my ideas:

  • Think About Your Actions
    Something is happening that you’d normally react to in a(n) _____ manner. Why are you acting like that? Do you agree with it? Is it right? Try to act how you think it’s best to act. Acting the same as the rest of the groups just doesn’t work.
  • Do You Like It?
    How many times do you say that you like something to make things easier for yourself when hanging out with friends? And why? Do you actually like the thing? Do you like it because you like it, or do you try to like it because it’s been forced on yourself?
  • Talk To a Wide Range Of People
    Talking to a wide range of people is educational in itself. In the real world, it’s not natural to just talk to and hang out with people your own age. By talking to people from different cultures who are different ages, you can learn lots of different things, ranging from things like social cues to different skills.
  • Talk To Your Parents
    This is for the teenagers – talk to your parents! They are people, just like you, and you can learn things from them, and vise versa. Also they tend to have gone through similar feelings and problems related to things like friends and school that you may be having, and can give advice on it.
  • Being Different is Awesome
    Being different is the new trend – we’re not meant to be the same. Whether you love a certain era of music, a certain style of clothing, can do contortion or love to wear all of one colour, don’t be afraid to show it! Some people may think it’s “strange” or “weird” and make fun of it, there will be hoards of people who think it’s amazing. Whatever your passion is, make sure it shows.
  •  Surround Yourself With Supportive People
    No matter their age, gender, race or religion, surround yourself with people who will support you. And I’m not meaning people who fit into the “Your Best Friend laughs at you when you fall over, then helps you up” stereotype – that’s actually a really mean way of acting and “supporting” someone. You want someone who will help you up, and tell you where you went wrong and how to fix it. Those people are the best.


I hope this is helpful and useful to people. 🙂

See you all later. ❤


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