So, what’s in a name?

I’m always intrigued about names. What’s their meaning? Has the meaning been changed? Does the name’s meaning “rub off” on the person to whom the name is given? Was the name picked because it sounds nice or because the person likes the meaning?

I figure my love of exploring names comes from my desire to write fiction. I make my character, then I pick a name with a meaning that fits with my character. Sometimes though I’ll do the opposite for a bit of fun. One of my favourite book characters is a teenaged girl who has Storm powers. She’s got an almost bipolar personality, and has a troubled back story. What did I decide to call her? Lucy! And Lucy means light.
Of course if I wanted a name that fitted her completely I might have called her Tempest (storm) or Darquesse (infamous, evil), names which both fit her personality.

However, something that really annoys me is people criticising other people’s names.  All names are beautiful and have a meaning – it doesn’t matter how “old fashioned”, “strange”, “weird”, “uncool” or “embarrassing” other people think the name is, because honestly, it’s none of their business what you’re called and whether or not they like it. Heck, I don’t like the name Joanne, but I know a lovely girl called Joanne and the name really suits her. But I don’t go around making a fuss about it. Same with the name Lochlan.
If you don’t like the name, just deal with it. It’s not your name and it’s not your business.

As you guys know, my name is Willow. Apparently, the name Willow is “strange” and “embarrassing” – according to my distant family. One of my Grandmothers said “Well she can always use [insert my ‘sensible’ middle name] instead of her actual name if she gets embarrassed about it”.
My mother’s sister-in-law’s mother also had a go at my name. “It’s a disrespectful name for a child! The poor thing will get bullied about it!”
Funnily enough, my name isn’t going to harm anyone, but they were all acting like it was a big deal and must be stopped. And anyways, everyone I meet tells me how much they love my name.

The same thing is still happening these days. And it’s focused at celebrity children a LOT. Jamie Oliver’s children, for example, have beautiful names, IMO – however the general public on the internet and in real life don’t seem to think so. “What a horrid name! No one should call their child Buddy/Petal/Daisy/Poppy.” “Those names are awful, the kids will be teased and bullied their entire life!” “Who gave them permission to name their kids like that? If I was their grandmother/father I’d report them to authorities!” “I feel sorry for their next child, it’ll probably end up with some other embarrassing name!”
I’m sorry, but did anyone ask your opinion about their children’s names?

Apparently a few other “outrageous”, “strange” and “embarrassing” names are Apple, Rainbow Aurora, Blue Angel, Fifi Trixibelle,Coco, Scout, and Puma. I don’t see anything wrong about those names – I think they’re pretty.

If you want to complain about names, you should complain about ones like Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart, Zzyzx, and Abcde. They’re what I call “names that aren’t names”. They’re just attempts to “get noticed” by the parent, and those are names that will definitely give people a hard time.

Why must people be so horrid about other people’s names? Is it because they themselves don’t like the name they were given? Is it because they think everyone should conform within certain boundaries? I’m not sure.

Well, I guess it’s something to think about.


2 thoughts on “Names

  1. I really enjoyed your post! My blog is actually about names, and many of them are quite unusual.
    While there are studies that suggest a name can negatively affect job applications, I think that’s a problem with society/employers and not with the name. Either way, the idea of bullying over a name has become a red herring because it doesn’t really happen anymore. Children are far less likely to have an extremely popular name than they used to be; unusual names are veering towards the norm.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I shall have to have a look at your blog. 🙂
      It is true that generally that name bullying isn’t happening much anymore, but where I live it’s still going on, but it’s in a much more subtle manner that how it used to be.

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