Song Of Durin

So today is Monday.

Personally, I don’t really understand all the hate that Monday gets – I love Mondays! I get to learn new things, finish off from where I left off the week before, plus I generally have rehearsals for my shows (although no rehearsals today, I’m afraid!).

Also, Monday is also #MusicMonday! I love Music Monday because I get to discover new songs from people I know, which can be very interesting, plus it’s an opportunity for me to share songs I like with you guys. ❤
I’m taking some time out of my lunch break to write this, so I’d better get on to the song – I don’t feel like missing out on something to eat!

My song for today is “Song Of Durin”, sung by the amazing Eurielle. It’s actually a shortened version of “Song Of Durin’s Awakening”, written by Tolkien. The song is sung by Gimli in “The Fellowship Of The Ring, Book 2” as the company walks through the Mines Of Moria.
Unfortunately the song was never put in the movie.

I found the song while searching for something else (Dark Waltz), and thought it sounded extremely pretty! So I went ahead and made a cover of it:

 Did you like it? Yes? If so I’m glad! (It was literally the third time I ever sung it when I made the video). Here’s the original version, by Eurielle:

I think that it’s an absolutely gorgeous song, and that it really does homage to Tolkien’s work.

Well, I must go have something to eat before my break is over. Stay well, and I shall see you all soon.

Eärlindë Melwasúl


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